Spring Flora and Fauna Centerpiece Baskets

New Spring Floral Centerpiece Baskets

Flora and Fauna Spring Baskets

In the heart of our home, my mother always adorned our kitchen table with a large Easter Basket every spring. This table served as the epicenter of our daily activities, witnessing everything from homework sessions to crafting wreaths and the painting classes my mother taught, culminating in nightly family dinners. The basket itself became a symbol of these cherished moments, filled with baby chicks, and ducklings, and an abundance of colorful eggs, and a delightful porcelain bunny, faux grass all in various spring colors and tied together with a big bow.

As a tribute to my beloved Momma and the memories of the joyous essence of spring, we have crafted charming Easter baskets for you. These feature a mossy garden of flora and fauna, some striking and others sweet, some incorporating elements in pastels and others dramatic and bright hues.
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